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ABIDE: Custom Homes & Remodelling.

Quality Workmanship - At Abide we aim to supply clients with the very best quality  to specifications required for the highest level of reliability. We do this at a competitive price.

Customer Care - Abide is proud to provide customer satisfaction from project onset to finish. We have knowledgeable and skilled specialists that are available to answer your questions.

We Are Insured and Licensed - We have obtained all insurance and licenses required for our trade in our great state. With the increase in contractors due to the enormous damages created by hail and storms there are many companies that do not have coverage. This can be costly or result in a claim against you. You need a company that follows the rules that have been set forth to protect you.

We Guarantee Our Work - Abide offers a labor and materials guarantee on all work.

Professionalism - Abide employs experienced personnel that are able to provide helpful and professional service at any point in your project. All of our consultants are certified professionals and offer educated advice free of charge. Our goal with each estimate is to educate while offering quality options, no matter what your needs are.

Health & Safety Conscious - We take health and safety very seriously. We have an extensive health and safety training program for our specialists. We want to ensure the safety of our workers, our clients and the environment.

Experience & Knowledge - We stay current with our knowledge of new materials and technologies. At Abide we remain educated regarding the codes and restrictions of cities, neighborhoods and homeowners’ associations.


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Office: 405-751-6100
Address:  2304 W. Hefner Rd
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Email: [email protected]